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Here you will find all the statutory information for Netherhall School. All information can be downloaded and printed copies can be provided upon request. Please follow the details below for information on how to get in touch.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the performance measures below are not current.

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School Name: Netherhall School

Headteacher: Mr David W. Tromans

Postal address: Netherhall Road, Maryport, Cumbria, CA15 6NT

School telephone number : 01900 813434.

Members of staff who deal with queries from parents: Mrs Olley or Miss Scott.


SENCO: Mrs Johnstone, contactable via 01900 813434.

Please visit the contact us page to get in touch.


Ofsted Rated as 'Good' - February 2018

It is with absolute pride and pleasure that I can inform you that Netherhall School has officially attained the Ofsted rating of ‘Good’ for the first time.

Please take the time to read the report.


Any educational providers wishing to visit school or any of our events should contact the Headteacher Mr D. Tromans via the the School Office.


Please click on the links to download the latest pupil premium information.


Please click on the links to download the latest versions of our schools policies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures Downloads
Admissions Arrangements 2022-23
Attendance Policy Sept 2022
August 2023 - Academic Standards Policy
August 2023 - Appraisal Procedure for School Based Teachers and Centrally Employed Teachers
August 2023 - CCTV Policy
August 2023 - Capability Procedure for School Based Teachers and Centrally Employed Teachers
August 2023 - Child Protection Policy
August 2023 - Children with Medical Needs
August 2023 - Complaints Procedure
August 2023 - Complete a CPD request on BlueSky July 2023
August 2023 - Curriculum Policy
August 2023 - Data Assessment Recording and Reporting Policy
August 2023 - Directed Time Policy
August 2023 - Disciplinary Literacy at Netherhall (updated July 2023) 1
August 2023 - Early Career Teacher Policy
August 2023 - Environmental and Sustainability Plan Sept 2022
August 2023 - Grievance Procedure and Guidance
August 2023 - HS Policy Appendix - List of Persons with Specific Responsibilities
August 2023 - Health and Safety Policy
August 2023 - Homework Policy
August 2023 - House Keeping Policy
August 2023 - Induction Policy
August 2023 - Literacy Policy
August 2023 - Marking Feedback Policy
August 2023 - More Able HPA Policy
August 2023 - NS Safeguardign training plan _update__
August 2023 - Numeracy Policy
August 2023 - Pupil Premium Policy
August 2023 - SEND Information Report
August 2023 - SEND Policy
August 2023 - Safeguarding Statement
August 2023 - Safeguarding training KCSIE
August 2023 - School Emergency Plan
August 2023 - Security Policy Procedures
August 2023 - Sixth Form Policy
August 2023 - Staff Code of Conduct
August 2023 - Staff Guide
August 2023 - Student Voice Policy
August 2023 - Teaching and Learning Policy
August 2023 - Teaching and learning - Lesson observation pro-forma inc. literacy
August 2023 - Whistleblowing Policy
August 2023 - Written Academic Reporting Policy
August 2023 - Year 6-7 Transition Policy
Behaviour Policy September 22
Behaviour Principles Written Statement October 2022
Charging Remissions Policy October 2022
Child Protection Policy Sept 23
Equality and Accessibility Plan October 2022
Freedom of Information Model Publication Scheme
Online Safety Policy 2022
RSE and Health Education Policy 2022
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy and procedures October 2022
Uniform Statement from the Behaviour Policy


Please click on the links to download the latest S.E.N information.

Our designated SENCO is Mrs. Beverley Johnstone.

Please use the 'contact us' page for enquires. 


Please click on the links to download the latest safeguarding information.

Finance Benchmarking & Information

Please click on the links to view the latest finance information

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