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Parents and carers play an important role in any decision making for young people; developing career aspirations and choosing education and training pathways.


It can be difficult to know how best to support your child during these times, especially with an ever-changing labour market, governmental changes to the education and examination system, along with the introduction of various new pathways created to enter careers.



  • Encourage your child to gain as much education and training as possible.

  • Help them to discover their innate talents and skills.

  • Develop their knowledge of the world of work.

  • Teach them decision- making skills.

  • Value gender equity and cultural diversity.

  • Become aware of career resources/ education and training opportunities.

  • Encourage your child to participate in extra-curricular activities and career development opportunities/enrichment experiences


Subscribe to 'Careermag' for free using the link below.

This subscription provides information about different qualification types, career routes, career myth busting and employer information for various sectors.

Please find below some links and documents that provide helpful information and guidance for parents


At Netherhall school, careers guidance begins in year 7 and takes place throughout each of the key stages until students leave at the end of key stage 4 or 5, and particularly through the crucial points of options during years 9 and 11.

Please find our careers plan below, which outlines the events taking place across the academic year in each year group.


We assess our careers provision against the Gatsby benchmarks, our current performance and areas of focus can be found within the career plan document.

To ensure students at Netherhall school fulfil their ambitions and move on to successful careers, it is imperative that they are aware of the career opportunities available and they can prepare themselves to achieve their goals.


Teachers, parents, carers, employers and career guidance professionals all play a role within this for young people; providing good careers guidance raises aspirations and motivates young people to achieve their best.

Parents or members of the public can find out more about careers education at Netherhall School by contacting our Careers Leader; Lisa Barcock at or "01900 813434"

The next review date is November 2024

Check out our Sixth Form Video Prospectus



Several career events take place in each year group throughout school. Some may seem less obviously linked to careers guidance than others, these are to develop employability skills as well as to give information about specific employment sectors.


Your academic grades and attainment are key factors in career choices and directly influence your level of entry into a profession; it is also important that you have interests, extra-curricular activities and work/volunteering experiences to add to your CV and discuss within any potential interviewers.


Subscribe to Careermag for free using the link below.


This subscription provides information about different qualification types, career routes, career myth busting and employer information for various sectors.


School have also provided free access for each student to job explorer database using the link below and the password from your tutor, you can access job profiles, careers quizzes and labour market information.

Please find below some links to helpful information and guidance.


If you would like any further support with careers or information about any career events, please see Mrs Barcock

Employers and Educational Establishments

Employer interactions and workplace experience are a great tool in careers education. We provide a broad range of employer events including 'World of Work' days, mock interviews, higher education fairs and workshops.


As a school we understand the financial and time constraints If you are an employer or education provider and you would like to be included in any of our events in school please contact: Lisa Barcock on 01900 813434.


Emaill address:


Please find below our calendar of Careers events.


Further resources and documentation can be found in the T:Drive folder

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